the Nursery

The CLYDE RAILHEAD COMMUNITY ECO-NURSERY is an initiative of the Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust.

The nursery is equipped with a tunnel house for seed raising, a shade house for young seedlings and a hardening off area for plants to grow to planting-out size.



All our plants are grown from eco-sourced seed.

Plants grown from seed collected locally are best adapted to cope with local conditions. This is particularly true for Central Otago plants which have to endure extreme hot, cold and dry conditions.

Keeping the seed source as local as possible helps protect the local identity of an area. However at times seed from further afield needs to be collected to bring in genetic diversity to very localised plant populations and to reintroduce species we have lost.


Seed Timetable.pdf

Seed collecting timetable for Central Otago plants

Here is some information on when to eco source your seed for some of our species.

Please follow seed collecting protocols

If you find this information helpful please consider making a donation 

Volunteer sessions

The nursery is open every Thursday from 9am to 12pm in summer and 1-3pm in winter to anyone who wishes to volunteer. Just bring some clean gardening gloves and a dust mask if you have one.

No experience is necessary.

A cuppa and some baking is provided at every session.




The Nursery year


Plants for Sale


Plant species grown at the Clyde Railhead Community Eco Nursery.pdf


please note all species listed are not available all of the time

how to find us

Turn into the Clyde Railhead from Springvale Road and follow along the fence on the left to the Fire and Emergency gate. Continue along to the next gate where you will see a collection of nursery buildings.