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The nursery is open every Thursdays from 9am to 12pm in summer and 1-3pm in winter, with well earned Christmas and mid winter breaks.

Just bring some clean gardening gloves and a dust mask if you have one.

No experience is necessary.

During these sessions we seed sow, prick out, pot up and weed. There are often additional projects like maintenance of our structures. There are activities for all abilities and experience so come join us.

A cuppa , some baking and lots of chat is provided at every session.

Planting, maintenance & working with partner groups

All our fabulous plants have to go somewhere!

Would you like to be involved in planting days, either on our own restoration projects or to offer help to our partner community groups. Planting season tends to be autumn to late spring.

Planting maintenance involves freeing our natives from the faster growing, smothering tendencies of exotic weeds. These sessions can happen a couple of times a year until the plants are established.

summer watering roster

Our experimental planting at Korimako corner needs a bit of an extra hand over the hot dry months.

Helping in this area gives you the freedom to assist when it suits you as there is no timetable here. Ideally it would be once a week and there are always standby's to assist if you can't make it.

Planting zones are assigned, then it is just a case of turning on the tap and dragging the hose around.

What could be more pleasant on a warm summers evening!

corporate volunteering

Are you part of a business or an organisation that wants to give something back to your community? Perhaps a team building exercise....

We have opportunities for you and your team to volunteer on a half day or full day basis.


Do you have skills that the trust could use? Would you like to know more about becoming a trustee?

Let us know.

Getting involved is not all work and no play

By becoming active in our organisation opportunities open up for participating in all sorts of other things, including field trips and science collaborations.

Volunteer interest sign up here

Let us know you are interested and in what areas and we will get back in touch.

newsletter sign up here

Don't want to commit yourself just yet. How about you sign up to the 'mostly' monthly newsletter and learn more about us and what we are up to that way.

Not quite from our area but are interested in the work we do. We have 'sister' organisations in the greater region that would love to see you.

Wanaka - Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust

Queenstown - Wakatipu Reforestation Trust

Cromwell - Mōkihi Reforestation Trust