plant profiles by Rachael Baxter

These plants have featured in our newsletter as 'Plant of the month' -this page is being continuously updated. If you found this information useful please consider donating.

Aciphylla aurea.pdf

Aciphylla aurea

Aristotelia fruticosa.pdf

Aristotelia fruticosa

Austroderia richardii.pdf

Austroderia richardii

Carmichaelia compacta.pdf

Carmichaelia compacta

Carmichaelia crassicaulis.pdf

Carmichaelia crassicaulis

Carmichaelia kirkii.pdf

Carmichaelia kirkii

Coprosma propinqua.pdf

Coprosma propinqua

Cordyline australis.pdf

Cordyline australis

Corokia cotoneaster.pdf

Corokia cotoneaster

Discaria toumatou.pdf

Discaria toumatou

Gaultheria antipoda.pdf

Gaultheria antipoda

Griselinia littoralis.pdf

Griselinia littoralis

Kunzea sp.pdf

Kunzea sp

Luzula species.pdf

Luzula species

Melicytus alpinus.pdf

Melicytus alpinus

Microtis unifolia.pdf

Microtis unifolia

Muehlenbeckia complexa.pdf

Muehlenbeckia complexa

Myosotis brevis.pdf

Myosotis brevis

Myrsine divaricata.pdf

Myrsine divaricata

Olearia avicenniifolia.pdf

Olearia avicennifolia

Olearia hectorii.pdf

Olearia hectorii

Olearia lineata .pdf

Olearia lineata

Ozothamnus leptophyllus.pdf

Ozothamnus leptophyllus

Parsonsia capsularis.pdf

Parsonsia capsularis

Pimelea aridula.pdf

Pimelea aridula

Polystichum vestitum.pdf

Polystichum vestitum

Raoulia australis.pdf

Raoulia australis

Raoulia subsericea .pdf

Raoulia subsericea

Rubus schimdelioides.pdf

Rubus schimidelioides

Sophora microphylla.pdf

Sophora microphylla

Veronica cupressoides.pdf

Veronica cupressoides

Veronica pimeleoides subsp faucicola.pdf

Veronica pimeleoides ssp faucicola

Vittadinia australis.pdf

Vittadinia australis