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We are an organisation of mainly volunteers that are working to restore, educate and advocate for our unique dryland plant species of Central Otago and the special creatures that depend upon them.


flat top hill heroes  Wednesday the 13th of December     

Competition from weeds and smothering exotic grasses has previously been identified as the significant inhibiting factor to the growth and survival of plants at our planting project at Flat Top Hill. 2023's growing season has proved to be no different, so the goal is to clear back the worst of the vigorous spring growth.

Some major work has already been done in our efforts to curb the competition so it is not all of the plants in each year's plantings that need assistance this time around.

What is needed - perhaps two hours of your time (from 6pm onwards), Wednesday the 13th of December. We can car pool from Alexandra or directions can be provided. We can also provide a limited number of excellent 'Niwashi cutting tools' otherwise bring along your favourite hacking tool -grubbers, weed hooks, secateurs etc.

Please get in touch with us if you think joining an evening session of weed whacking is just what you need to get rid of any pre Christmas angst. Or it can be seen as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an evening in our  special Central Otago environment and have a look around to see how well everything is doing. 

Nursery sessions are on      

Every thursday MORNING from 9AM to 12pm

no experience necessary

BRING YOUR OWN MASK legionella bacteria protection


Contact for further information if needed

For more information on the competition Contact Central Otago District Council Email:

Dryland garden species.pdf

See this list of suggestions of our local native species which would be great for a native dry garden.

haehaeata gift cards 

Want to support a planting but can't be there yourself?

We have just developed a gifting system where you can buy a plant for a special someone in your life or to support a local native planting project that uses our eco sourced plants. These plants will be planted at the next planting date after your order by a community group. These plantings are on public land so can be visited any time.

By completing the form and making payment we will email out a gift card to your recipient outlining what project is being supported and how many trees have been gifted. 

Please feel free to tell anyone and everyone about this initiative and help improve Central Otago's biodiversity and support local community groups.

Click on the link to buy now. 

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